Welcome to Fusion Wellness, an organisation committed to igniting health, happiness and overall wellness in every aspect of your life. Through rejuvenating retreats, workshops, mentoring, yoga and pilates products, we’re committed to helping you find balance of the mind, body and spirit.

Based in Australia, our company was created in 2006 by Georgie Clark. Originally named Fusion Yoga & Pilates, the brand has since expanded and grown to embrace all aspects of health and wellness. Georgie has designed and created two packages which ‘Up the Ante’ in your health, wealth and love sectors of your life.

Fusion Wellness retreats, coaching, workshops and instructional Yoga & Pilates cards are for you if you are wanting to reach new heights in your life with your wellbeing, health, wealth or love. Our services zoom in on particular areas of your life and help to identify exactly where you need to laser focus your attention, energy and how to get you from where you are at right now to where you want to be. You only have one life, live at your potential! Its a journey and you need a team to rally around you and support your path, even if you don’t know what that is yet.

Our Retreats, Workshops and Coaching programs specialise working with women and female business owners in the health and wellness industry.

Our Yoga & Pilates instructional cards are aimed to assist pregnant women, office workers and those who surf, male or female!

We do believe in surrendering, relaxation and allowing life to flow but we strongly believe in having a plan, direction and communicating with your subconscious with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to guide your path.

Health problems arise when the body and spirit aren’t in balance. Some people wait until they get sick and have a health scare to begin to change their ways; but that can be too late. It is essential to get in touch with your body, mind and spirit regularly. If you aren’t passionate about what you do, don’t waste your life, its now time to live out your dream. With the aid of Yoga, Pilates, Wellness Coaching, and Retreats you can begin to understand and nurture your body and mind on all levels and refocus on your ultimate life path.